Our company was thoroughly impressed and delighted with every aspect of the day.  In addition, I had a blast and the Pats won the game – it couldn’t have been better!

Best Tailgate Party I have ever been to. I was so glad to meet Fred and the Big O. I would recommend this party to anyone.

Best tail gate party ” does not do it justice. I’ve had season tickets for years, yet it took until yesterday to attend your event. I attended with my wife and two teenage children. The food was excellent, yet I was most impressed with Fred, Steve, Glen and Pete. Literally just a bunch of approachable guys sitting around talking sports and anything else that came up.

My kids won’t forget this tailgate party for some time, and neither shall I.

Well worth the cost of admission.

I want to thank you and your team for making our event yesterday such a success. Everything was perfect – from the limo, to the food, the tent, meeting the Tailgate guys, the SEATS (amazing) and the friendly service from everyone involved.

Keep up the great work!